Installing A Warrior Starter Motor on a Road Star

Warrior Starter Conversion for the Road StarA problem for some Road Star owners is that the stock starter motor can get a little tired with the passing of time. This results in difficulty getting the engine to turn over, particularly if it hasn’t been fired up for a little while or it sits in cold weather. The problem can lead to batteries being drained prematurely, possible damage to the starter relay and the risk of the stator bolt coming loose. This is especially the case when high compression or big bore pistons are installed.

One cure for this problem is to replace it with a Warrior starter motor, which is also a direct bolt on for all non Warrior Road Stars. To be fair, there is a way to assist the stock starter with more juice which is to upgrade the starter wire to a heavier gauge although that process takes a lot longer than the ten minutes that outright replacing the starter does (although is much cheaper).

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Quick Disconnect Road Star Silverado Bags

Quick Disconnect Silverado BagsWhenever I wanted to clean the bike up it was always a pain to have to unbolt the bags off the supports so I could clean in behind them. I thought of these pins and tried them out. Turns out they work great and it’s now a snap to remove the bags for cleaning or for taking them inside while traveling.