Yamaha Road Star Fuel Pump Relocation

Cleaning up the left hand side of the Road Star engine can be done by relocating the fuel pump up underneath the fuel tank.

Fuel Pump RelocationCleaning up the left hand side of the Road Star engine can be done by relocating the fuel pump up underneath the fuel tank.

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Fuel Pump relocation

By Ken “The Mucker” Sexton


  • I mounted the fuel pump to the top of the frame, right behind the steering mount. I cut off the filter half of the original rubber fuel-pump mount, with a razor blade, so that only the big part that surrounded the pump remained.
  • Then I mounted the pump to the back of the frame weld with zip-ties. The inlet/out of the pump go to the right, with the curved outlet pointing down and to the rear (toward the carb). With the pump mounted as far as possible to the left (the end of the pump lines up with the inboard side of the rubber tank mount on the left side of the frame), and the hoses carefully bent down and rearward toward the carb, use zip-ties. Theres just enough room within the gas tank tunnel to allow easy installation and removal of the gas tank.
  • The line to the carb has the original in-line fuel filter, midway to the carb. And because the inlet to the pump isnt curved like the outlet, I wrapped the hose with a piece of the spring that Yamaha used on the stock setup, to protect the bent section of the hose from collapsing or being kinked. Running the hose to the tank was a simple matter of passing the inlet line under the frame, between the cylinder heads and then up to the petcock.
  • The carb feed was simpler, with the hose from the outlet just running diagonally down to the front of the carb and then around to the carb inlet. A few zip-ties hold the hoses to the frame and everything fits nicely. The electrical hookup didnt require any cutting or splicing, just run the wire from the pump back to the harness and plug it in. It was almost too simple.
  • If anyone considers doing it, just pick up 4 feet of 5/16 fuel hose (I didnt measure the actual amount I used, but 4 will do the trick), a few 12 zip-ties and set aside a half hour. I used a small piece of aluminum angle-stock to make a choke knob mount that positioned it just in front of the rear cylinder head, on the left side, but the original choke mount can be cut off the bottom of the OEM pump mount and used as well.
  • I attached it to the frame member that had the fuel pump bracket attached to it. Oh yeah, youll find that when you reinstall the tank the exposed threads of the studs that attach the front dash mounts to the tank can rub against the fuel hoses. I use a fine pitch hack saw to cut the stud ends off, flush with the nuts.

(10040.2) The only thing that I did differently was wrap the pump in rubber tape to the keep water out. Fatbikes web page has a cheap idea for modifying the choke bracket.

07/00 6713.73 – FUEL PUMP RELOCATION: My method of mounting the fuel pump was to put it behind the steering mount, under the tank. It fits there with the fuel line running along the right side of the frame. I used a couple zip-ties to secure it to the square weldment, behind the ignition switch. It works like a charm. Ive done it to two Road Stars and my brother, Ray, has done it as well.

08/00 8296.21 – FUEL PUMP RELOCATION: Some more pictures of the under tank mount. As is apparent in the photos, I cut away the unused parts of the original fuel pump rubber mount, with a razor, and used the remaining part that encircles the pump to isolate it from the frame.

Ken “The Mucker” Sexton


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Fuel pump Relocate Fuel pump Relocate Fuel pump Relocate