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Dragger Custom Seats for the Road Star

Dragger Custom Seats

Are you more of a minimalist when it comes to your Roadie? Do you believe in less is more? Well check out the new seat on the way from Dragger Custom Seats cause you don’t get much less than this without riding on the top of your battery! Made personally by the very talented Alex Blondeau these seats are created from the desire to have not such a fat (stock) seat and to add to the flowing lines of the Road Star frame. Go to the Dragger Custom Seats website to check them out for yourself.

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Putting Sheepskin On Your Seat

Sheepskin seat for a Road Star

A lot of riders complain of an uncomfortable seat on our Road Stars. Not me. I think the stock seat is great – for about 400 miles a day. One thing I really hate about it is getting a case of “Wet Bottom” in the high summer temperatures due to the vinyl seat cover. It’s embarrassing to stop for lunch and walk into a restaurant with a wet rear end.

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Make Your Own Drivers Backrest

Drivers Backrest for a Road Star

Paul Bertolino fills you in on how to make your own driver’s backrest for a Yamaha Road Star

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