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Custom Road Star by BMS Customs

BMS Choppers Custom Road Star

The first in our spotlight on the custom Road Star builders for the upcoming Metric Revolution TV show is Sam Nehme from BMS Choppers. Sam joined the motorsports business at the age of 12 and at the ripe old age of 32 he is the owner of BMS Choppers and now one of the competitors in the bike build offs that will be featured on Metric Revolution.

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Joel Mekolites American Flag Paintjob

Joel Mekolites American Flag Paint Job

Introducing one Joel Mekolites, custom painter extraordinaire. Joel is responsible for this fantastic American Flag paint job. While not an original idea I think you will agree that Joel has done incredible work on this bike. Click Read More… to see more of the bike and to learn a bit about Joel. You may even want to contact him to paint your own Road Star!

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Mark Tummillo’s ”Warbird”

Mark Tummillo's Warbird Custom Paint

It’s been a while since the last Custom Paint but you can thank Mark Tummillo for staying on my case to publish the pictures of his fantastic bike, “Warbird”. This is certainly one of the more original paint themes I have seen for a while and you will have to admit that Mark’s bike is one sharp ride indeed.

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Dan Maser’s “Lone Roadie” Custom Paint

Dan Maser's "Lone Roadie" Custom Paint

Found this fantastic Road Star today with some pretty amazing artwork ALL over it. This piece of machinery is owned by Dan Maser, and there is no doubt you can appreciate the work that has gone into this paint job. As you can naturally see, Dan LOVES his Road Star and you can see he has spared no expense when it has come to this machine.

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Larry Waimon’s ”Rolling Tribute” Road Star

Larry Waimon's ''Rolling Tribute''

We have a new Custom Paint Road Star for you today. Now normally custom paint jobs tend to be quite extravagant but Larry Waimon’s bike bucks that trend. Dubbed, “Rolling Tribute” Larry’s bike payshomageto the WWII Bomber Pilots that flew those oh so perilous skies during the great air battles of the time. As an added bonus we have also created a wallpaper for your computer for you to download! So why don’t you go and have a look at Larry Waimon’s “Rolling Tribute”.

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Nick Lappage’s “Midnight Thunder” Custom Paint

Nick Lappage's "Midnight Thunder" Custom Paint

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a sneak preview of Nick Lappage’s bike, Midnight Thunder, in the Trophy Room with the promise of it being featured soon in the Custom Paint section of RoadStarMagazine.com Well that time has come and I have put up a swag of pictures for you so you can check out the awesome paintwork on Nick’s bike.

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Robert Clayton’s “Darwin” Custom Paint

Robert Clayton's "Darwin" Custom Paint

Well our good buddy Robert Clayton, whose trophy winning Road Star “Darwin” we featured here a couple of weeks ago, has gone and taken a big spill. Robert is OK even though he is pretty banged up (a semi trailer will do that to you) so I thought I would show a close-up of the paint you are likely to never see again.

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Eric Godwin’s Serious Custom Road Star

Eric Godwin's Serious Custom

Another new Serious Custom has just been posted for you to all enjoy. Introducing Eric Godwin’s seriously customed Road Star that started out its life as quite a good looking Beach Sand Tan model, but with the transformation it has been though it nowlooks nothing like the original bike! Plus the best part of all is that Eric has done all the wrenching on the bike himself!

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Al Soare’s Custom Paint

Al Soare's Custom Paint

Today we have our first Custom Paint showcase featuring an immaculate Road Star owned by Al Soares. The debate will always rage about what color is fastest, but you have to admit, the red on this baby just makes it look like it would go at light speed. While the fenders might look like a stock paint job, they most certainly aren’t. The best part is Al has done most of the work himself, so is the man a genius or what Get yourself over to this page to see more pictures of Al’s ride.

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