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Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit Review

Baron Nude Pulley Kit for Yamaha Road Stars

Having exposed rotating parts on a drive train sure smacks of a custom machine and on the Road Star it is possible to expose the primary pulley for the world to see. Thanks to Cruiser Customizing, RoadStarMagazine.com presents the following review on the Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit.

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Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards Review

Baron Custom Accessories Floorboards for Yamaha Road Star

Do your passengers find the position of their legs lead to an achy backside and fatigued muscles? Do they complain of not being able to brace against anything in the event of heavy braking? Heck, after riding for a couple of hours do your passengers get off the bike and just about crumple to the ground in agony? Well if they do any of the above then you better check out our review on Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards supplied by Cruiser Customizing!

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