SS Cycle Works Floorboard Extensions Review

SS Customs Floorboard Extentions

SS Customs Floorboard ExtentionsHere is another product to help increase the comfort levels on your beloved Road Star. Despite the sheer size of the Roadie, some riders feel that the floorboards could be a bit better positioned, either for comfort or just to increase that stretched out and laid back feel. Introducing Floorboard Extensions from SS Cycle Works, a product that takes your existing floorboards and repositions them for a more cruisier feeling.

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SADDLEBUM SaddleBlankets Review

SaddleBum Sheepskin Seat Cover

SaddleBum Sheepskin Seat CoverFor those of us that enjoy getting out on the road for extended trips the issue of a comfortable seat can come up time and again. Even with the likes of a Mustang or Corbin, a long day in the saddle can leave you with a tired backside and on hot days you may find yourself somewhat, um, damp… Introducing the SADDLEBUM SaddleBlankets, a new premium sheepskin product to make your day on the road a lot more comfortable. 

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Single Sided Swingarm Kit From RC Components

RC Componants Single Sided Swingarm

RC Componants Single Sided Swingarm

So you have done everything to your Road Star and you just can’t work out what else to do? Then how does a single sided swingarm kit that includes everything PLUS the kitchen sink (almost) from RC Components? This kit comes complete with single-sided swing-arm, 18 x 8.5″ wheel, pulleyrotor, rear fender, master cylinder conv. kit, license plate w/brake light and rear steel braided brake line for installation on stock frames. Oh and a honkin great 250 wide Avon! Click the article link below to see a big version of the pic and click on the RC Components Link to get more information (oh yeah, bury your wallet in the back yard).

Road Star Pillion Footpeg Flip

Footpeg Flip

Footpeg FlipSwapping your pillion’s footpegs will give most passengers a greater degree of comfort. It is an easy mod to do and will only take about ten to fifteen minutes. Please note: this mod will not work with the stock exhaust pipes, at the end of these instructions there is a list of known exhausts that it will work with. If your exhaust is not listed, give it a try anyway, it only takes a few minutes to put it all back together.

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Build a Wheel / Tire Balancer

Wheel Tire Balancer

Wheel Tire BalancerThe cost to build your own wheel balancer is approx $20 to $30, give or take a few bucks, depending on what you have on hand and what you should be able to scrounge for free from a sheet metal shop or scraps your friends have. I personally think you can build it closer to the $20 buck level as I did. The bearings being the most expensive parts at $17.00, if you have a source for some bearings the stands could be build for virtually nothing.

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