Buck’s Windshield Lower’s Review

Buck's Lowers for Yamaha Road Star

Buck's Lowers for Yamaha Road StarHave you bought a windshield for your Road Star only to find that you are getting a whole load of head buffeting that you have never experienced before despite your best attempts to adjust the windshield? Then you, my friend, are a candidate for a set of Buck’s Windshield Lowers! What we have for you today is the second product review for RoadStarMagazine.com and the first one done by Australian, John Beddoe. It is well worth a read, especially if you have a windshield or are thinking about getting one. Continue reading “Buck’s Windshield Lower’s Review”

How to use a Helicoil

How to use a helicoil

How to use a helicoilEveryone has had it, that heart stopping moment when you think you have stripped out a thread and you’re wondering to yourself, “What the hell do I do now?” For me it was the thread on the sub-frame for one of the four bolts that hold the rear fender in place, I stripped that puppy good. Because of this I was looking down the barrel of well over a $100 for a second hand sub-frame or who knows how much for a new one! But thankfully that was when I remembered hearing about helicoil kits. Read on, if you will, as it might just save you a LOT of money someday and no end of anguish.

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Larry Waimon’s ”Rolling Tribute” Road Star

Larry Waimon's ''Rolling Tribute''

Larry Waimon's ''Rolling Tribute''We have a new Custom Paint Road Star for you today. Now normally custom paint jobs tend to be quite extravagant but Larry Waimon’s bike bucks that trend. Dubbed, “Rolling Tribute” Larry’s bike pays homageto the WWII Bomber Pilots that flew those oh so perilous skies during the great air battles of the time. As an added bonus we have also created a wallpaper for your computer for you to download! So why don’t you go and have a look at Larry Waimon’sRolling Tribute“.

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Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Fairing for the Road Star

Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Windsheild for the Yamaha Road Star

Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Windsheild for the Yamaha Road StarLove the look of the windshield on a Road King or other full dresser? Well Hoppe Industries have one available for the Road Star and it is pretty trick. Dubbed the Quadzilla it comes with a 200 watt Eclipse brand AM FM CD MP3-CD, Sirius-compatible radio and FOUR 5″ marine speakers for great sound at any speed with any pipes! It’s also available with a choice windshields including a 5″ dark or light tint, 8″ light tint, or 5″, 8″,10″,12″, or 15″ clear.? Go to the Hoppe Industries website to check it out yourself!

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Nick Lappage’s “Midnight Thunder” Custom Paint

Nick Lappage's "Midnight Thunder" Custom Paint

Nick Lappage's "Midnight Thunder" Custom PaintA couple of weeks ago I gave you a sneak preview of Nick Lappage’s bike, Midnight Thunder, in the Trophy Room with the promise of it being featured soon in the Custom Paint section of RoadStarMagazine.com Well that time has come and I have put up a swag of pictures for you so you can check out the awesome paintwork on Nick’s bike.

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Custom Dynamics LED Taillight for Road Star Review

Custom Dynamic LED Taillight

Custom Dynamic LED TaillightIntroducing a product today from Custom Dynamics, suppliers of high intensity LED devices for your bike. The RadiantzTail Star ALED Retro Kit for the Road Star (and V-Star) is a direct plug in replacement for your taillight’s bulb. Cool retro styling and the surprise benefit of increased visibility to other road users is what it’s all about and this little number delivers that in spades!

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