Wow, things look a bit different around here don’t they? Don’t fret, we’re in the process of migrating the website to a new platform and it might take us a little while.  In due time you will have all the Yamaha Road Star news, reviews and product information that we used to have, and maybe some new functionality along the way.  Alas, some sections will get dropped, but no-one was looking at them anyway.  If you came here looking for a specific article try using the search box over there, you might find what you are after.

Once the content we will keep is all migrated then we’ll start working on the look of the site.  We know, we know, it is pretty bland right now but that will change in the coming months.

And who knows, once this is all finished there might be some new articles to come.  Just never know your luck.
January 2011