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Complete List of Road Star Links

Lots and lots and lots of links. That is what you’ll find in the RoadStarMagazine.com Links section. Currently around 250 links! Vendor links, manufacturers, other Road Star sites and forums, there is just HEAPS of them!


Back Yard Performance – http://www.backyardperformance.com/
California Custom Cruiser – http://www.cal-custom-cruiser.com/
Cruiser Customizing – CruiserCustomizing.com
Cyclecraft Engineering – http://www.cyclecrafteng.com/
Hellriser Customs – http://www.hellrisercustoms.com/
Motorcycle Enhancements – http://www.motorcycleenhancements.com/
Orient Express – http://www.orientexpress.com/
Phat Performance Parts – http://www.phatperformanceparts.com
Barons Custom Accessories – http://www.baronscustom.com
Midnight Ride Customs (UK) – http://www.midnight-ride.com
Britt Motorsports – http://www.brittmotorsports.com
NOPORK – ROADSTAR PARTS – http://www.nopork.com
Amsoil – http://www.lubedealer.com/bratton
KuryAkyn – http://www.kuryakyn.com/
ROADRAGE – http://www.roadrage.cc/
Cajun Cycle Accessories, Inc. – http://www.cajuncycleacc.com/
J&P Cycles
Dynamic Imports – http://www.dynamicimports.net/
Custom Dynamics – High Intensity Motorcycle Lights – http://www.customdynamics.com
K&N Motorcycles – http://www.knmotorcycles.com
Hollywood Cycle – http://www.hollywoodcycle.com/webstore/index.asp
Dark Star Customs – http://www.darkstarcustoms.com
CSPN Motorcycle Parts Accessories and Apparel – http://www.csproducts.net
Kruzerparts.com – http://www.kruzerparts.com
Metric Thunder – http://www.metricthunder.com
Starpegs – http://www.jmdesignstudio.com/starpegs/
Custom World International – http://www.cw-intl.com
Z Power Australia – http://www.zpower.com.au
Metric Cruiser Accessories – http://www.scootworks.com
Xtreme Machines – http://www.xtrememachines.us
Scootworks – Custom Accessories for Metric Motorcycles – http://www.scootworks.com/

Forums & Newsgroups

A Road Star Riders Forum – http://forums.delphiforums.com/1602
Main ISRA Forum – http://forums.delphiforums.com/star_riders
ISRA Great Bears Forum (UK) – http://forums.delphiforums.com/gbstar_riders
Wild Star Owners Forum (German) – http://f15375.siteboard.de/
Norwestars ISRA – http://forums.delphiforums.com/ISRA_Norwestars/start
MetricCruisers.net – Forum – http://www.metriccruisers.net/forum/
The Yamsters Road Star Garage – http://forums.delphiforums.com/yamsters/start
Star Bikers Forum – http://www.starbikes.nl/forum_yamaha_V-Star_dragstar/index.php
Orion Riders of Va. – http://forums.delphiforums.com/vastars/start

Road Star Owners Personal Pages

Paul – http://www.pauls-world.net/me/Bikes/bikes.html
Yamaha Star Club – http://groups.msn.com/YamahaStarClub
Road Star Clinic – http://www.roadstarclinic.com
Nick Lappage – http://www.midnight-ride.com/
Wild Star Fan Site (Denmark) – http://www.xv1600.dk/
Wild Star Fan (Germany) – http://www.wildstar-fan.de/
Wild Star Fan (Holland) – http://www.wildstarfan.nl/
Tomas Kocanda (Czech with english) – http://www.wildstar.cz/
Easy Dragstar Rider – http://www.starbikes.nl/
Linda & Dave’s Road Star – http://www3.sympatico.ca/checklu/

Yamaha & Metric Cruiser Clubs

Stars French Owners Group – http://www.starsfrog.com/
Star Touring & Riding – http://www.startouring.org/
Virago Star Owners Club (UK) – http://www.vsoc.org.uk/
Norwestars – http://www.eastsidehomes.com/norwestars/index2.html
Kobbers Kruiser Klub – http://www.kobbers.com
Chapter 297 STAR Touring & Riding, Fort Lauderdale – http://www.chapter297.com
Star-Riders belgium – http://www.star-riders.be
American Cruisers – http://americancruisers.us/
Boise Valley Riders – Boise Idaho Riding Club – http://www.boisevalleyriders.com

Other Online E-Zines

Motorcycle.com – http://news.motorcycle.com
Motorcycle News – http://www.motorcyclenews.com/home
MCNEWS.COM.AU – http://www.mcnews.com.au/
Sound Rider – http://www.soundrider.com/default.htm
Built For Speed ? – Extreme Motorsports – http://www.builtforspeed.biz

Major Bike Rallys and Events

Biketoberfest – http://www.biketoberfest.com/
Star Days – http://www.stardays.org/
Fire & Ice Bike Rally – http://www.fireandicebikerally.com/
BIKE-O-RAMA Motorcycle Rally – http://www.bikeorama.org
Sturgis – http://www.sturgis.com/
Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally – http://www.motorcyclerally.com/garapage.htm
Steel Horse Stampede – http://www.steelhorsestampede.com/
Canadian Rocky Mountain Cruise-In 2004 – http://www.northernstarsrider.ca/cruise-in2004.html

Bike Galleries

Road Star Gallery – http://www.roadstargallery.com
Road Stars on Bikepics.com – http://www.bikepics.com/yamaha/roadstar/
Midnite Ride’s Favourite Custom Roadies – http://www.midnight-ride.com/favouritebikes.htm

Official Yamaha Sites

Star Motorcycles USA – http://www.yamaha-motor.com/star
Yamaha Canada – http://www.yamaha-motor.ca
Yamaha UK – http://www.yamaha-motor.co.uk
Yamaha Australia – http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au
Yamaha Japan – http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp

Road Star WARRIOR Sites

rswarrior.com – http://www.rswarrior.com

Road Star Riders Forum Approved Vendors

Ace Powersports – http://www.acepowersports.com
American Eagle Leatherworks, Inc. – http://www.eagleleatherworks.com
Baron Custom Accessories – http://www.baronscustom.com/
Britt Motorsports – http://www.brittmotorsports.com/
Chrome Masters – http://www.chromemasters.com
Dynamic Imports – http://www.dynamicimports.net/p1.html
Hellrisers Customs – http://www.hellrisercustoms.com/index.php
Looney Custom Seats – http://www.looneyseats.com
No Pork – http://www.nopork.com/default.asp
Orient Express – http://www.orientexpress.com/index.htm
Patrick Racing – http://www.patrickracingbillet.com
P.E. Powersports – http://www.pepowersports.com/
Phat Performance Parts – http://www.phatperformanceparts.com/
Scooter’s Gear – http://www.scootersgear.com
Yamaha City – http://www.yamahacity.com
Yamaha Sportscenter – http://www.yamahasportscenter.com

DVDs and TV Shows

Ride Like A Pro Video – http://www.ridelikeapro.com/
West Coast Choppers (Monster Garage) Official Website – http://www.westcoastchoppers.com/
Orange County Choppers (American Chopper) Official Website – http://www.orangecountychoppers.com/
American Chopper Official Website – Discovery Channel – http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/amchopper/amchopper.html
DVD – American Chopper Complete Series 1
DVD – American Chopper Complete Series 2
DVD – American Chopper Complete Series 3
DVD – Monster Garage Complete Series 1
DVD – Monster Garage Complete Series 2
DVD – Monster Garage Complete Series 3

Manufacturers & Specialists – Over 20 Sub Cats!!!


Big City Thunder – http://www.bigcitythunder.com/
Bub Enterprises – http://www.bubent.com
Cobra – http://www.cobrausa.com
Hard Krome – http://www.hardkrome.com/
Khrome Werks – http://www.khromewerks.com/
Roadhouse Brand – http://www.roadhousebrand.com/
Vance&Hines – http://www.vanceandhines.com/
HackerPipes Inc – http://www.hackerpipes.com/

Throttle Locks/Cruise Controls

BrakeAway Products Cruise Control – http://www.brakeawayproducts.com


Motorcycle stereo systems – http://www.cruisertunes.com
MP3 Players on Amazon.com
Rumble Road Speaker System – http://www.mhinstruments.com


Thunderbike – http://www.thunderbike.de/
Britt Custom Metrix – http://www.brittcustommetrix.com/
JBS Engineering – http://www.jbsengineering.com/
DS Choppers – http://www.dschoppers.com
RC Components – http://www.rccomponents.com
Don Gray Customs – http://www.dongraycustoms.com
Raked Cycles – http://www.rakedcycles.com
Speed City Cycle – http://speedcitycycle.com


Top of the Line Detailing Products – http://www.topoftheline.com/

Graphics and Decals

Cycle Graphics – http://www.cyclegraphics.net/
Decal Zone – http://www.decalzone.com/
recentabstract – http://recentabstract.com
eDecals.com – http://www.edecals.com/index.html


Chilhowee Leather – http://chilhowee.net
Rosemary Dery – http://www.rosemarydery.com/


Custom Dynamics – http://www.customdynamics.com/
Motorcycle LED Lights – http://www.cfrlights.com/sdc.html

Saddlebags and Hardbags

BadApple – http://www.saddlebags.ca/
IronHorse Trading Company – http://www.ironhorsetrading.com/
Boss Bags – http://www.bossbags.com
The Leatherworks – http://www.leatherworksinc.com
Easy Brackets – http://www.easybrackets.com/
Ghost Brackets – http://www.ghostbrackets.com/index.php

Seats & Seat Accessories

Corbin – http://www.corbin.com/
Mustang Motorcycle Seats – http://www.mustangseats.com/
Looney Custom Seats – http://www.looneyseats.com/
SaddleBum’s SaddleBlankets – http://www.saddlebum.com/
Extreme Seats – http://www.extrememotorcycleseats.com/index.html
Dragger Custom Seats – http://www.draggerseats.com


Classic Industries – http://www.classicind.com.au/
N-Line Trailers – http://www.n-line.com/
Fred Burger Motorcycle Trailers – http://www.mctrailers.com/
Kruzer Motorcycle Trailers – http://www.kruzertrailers.com/
Freedom Trailer Manufacturing Ltd. – http://www.freedomtrailer.com/
Discount Trailers.com – http://www.discount-trailers.com/motorcycle_trailers.htm
Bushtec Performance Trailers – http://www.bushtec.com/
Razor Motorcycle Trailers – http://www.jwww.com/razor/
Motorcycle Trailer.com – http://www.motorcycletrailer.com
Deep South Trailers – http://www.deepsouthtrailers.com/motorcycle.php
Cub Campers – http://www.cubcampers.com.au
Escapade Trailers – http://www.californiasidecar.com/


Tricky Air Ride – http://www.trickyair.com/


Champion Sidecars – http://www.championsidecars.com/
Motorvation Sidecars and Trailers – http://www.motorvation.com/
EZS Sidecars – http://www.ezs-usa.com/
California Sidecars – http://www.californiasidecar.com
Texas Sidecars – http://www.texassidecars.com/

Oils and Filters

Three Leaf Distributing – http://www.three-leaf-dist.com/
Klotz Performance Synthetics – http://www.klotzlube.com


Dynatek Performance Electronics – http://www.dynaonline.com/english/


Color Rite – http://www.color-rite.com
Airbrush Studio – http://www.aerograf.com.pl
Vida Loca Customs – http://www.vidaloca.com
Custom Paint by Reefer – http://photos.yahoo.com/roofer429


Black Talen Motorcycle Boots – http://www.blacktalonboots.com
Your Bike – Your Shirt – http://www.yourbikeyourshirt.com

Trike Conversions

MTC Voyager – http://www.mtcvoyager.com/
Lehman Trikes – http://www.lehmantrikes.com/
Mid State Trikes – http://www.midstatetrikes.com/
Triwing Industries Corporation – http://www.triwing.com/
California Sidecars Trikes – http://www.californiasidecar.com/trikes.htm


Hoppe Industries – http://www.hoppeindustries.com/

Chromers & Chrome Extras

Rider’s Passion – http://www.riderspassion.com