Britt Custom Metrix ”Home Depot” Road Star

Britt Custom Metrix

Britt Custom MetrixThe world of truly custom Road Stars is definitely hotting up and there are some incredible machines out there. Just like the this one by Britt Custom Metrix who built an awesome bike for none other than the NASCAR ’05 Nextel Cup Champion, Tony Stewart! The bike was done to a Home Depot theme similar to the one sported by Tony’s awesome V8 that took him across the line for five wins in 2005. And just like those monster vehicles, there isn’t a lot of chrome on this bike! Continue reading “Britt Custom Metrix ”Home Depot” Road Star”

Rick Mathieu’s Serious Custom

Rick Mathieu's Serious Custom

Rick Mathieu's Serious CustomAre you ready for something REALLY different in a custom Road Star? Check out this AWESOME retro style Roadie by Rick Mathieu who spent over five months putting together this fantastic bike! Rick has gone all out on this beauty with a sprung seat, custom wheels, chain drive conversion, powder coated everything and it just looks too cool! And believe it or not, all this was done in a shed barely larger than the bike itself. Continue reading “Rick Mathieu’s Serious Custom”

Eric Godwin’s Serious Custom Road Star

Eric Godwin's Serious Custom

Eric Godwin's Serious CustomAnother new Serious Custom has just been posted for you to all enjoy. Introducing Eric Godwin’s seriously customed Road Star that started out its life as quite a good looking Beach Sand Tan model, but with the transformation it has been through it now looks nothing like the original bike! Plus the best part of all is that Eric has done all the wrenching on the bike himself!

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Harry Trattner’s Serious Custom Yamaha Road Star

Harry Trattner's Serious Custom

Harry Trattner's Serious CustomWhat do you know, a new Serious Custom Road Star has been put into the Serious Custom Section of Harry Trattner’s Road Star is the latest bike to be featured, and while at a quick glance it may seem fairly routine a bit of a longer look will show that Harry has had a lot of work done to this beautiful machine. 

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Sam Todd’s ”Back in Black” Road Star

Sam Todd's ''Back in Black'' Road Star

Sam Todd's ''Back in Black'' Road StarIt’s been a little while since I have posted a Serious Custom so I thought I would get my act together and upload one from the many I have backlogged waiting patiently to be published. So what we have for you today is Sam Todd’s Custom Road Star, “Back In Black” which is also the first Privately owned Serious Custom to be featured on Unless you happen to live in Todd’s neck of the woods, is about the only other place you will see this great machine as Sam doesn’t have a website at this point. So naturally we’re more than happy to host his bike for him here for the entire world to see!

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Ron ”Hacker” Davis’ Hybrid Theory Road Star

Hybrid Theory

Hybrid TheoryOur first vendor created Serious Custom has been posted! Ron “Hacker” Davis is the man responsible for “Hybrid Theory”, a custom Road Star that has had over 80 hours of sanding and polishing dedicated to the engine alone! Hacker is behind a lot of custom paint jobs out there, so you will be sure to see more from this man, but for now, get yourself over to this link to check out Hackers Custom Cycles “Hybrid Theory”.

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