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Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit Review

Baron Nude Pulley Kit for Yamaha Road Stars

Having exposed rotating parts on a drive train sure smacks of a custom machine and on the Road Star it is possible to expose the primary pulley for the world to see. Thanks to Cruiser Customizing, RoadStarMagazine.com presents the following review on the Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit.

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Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards Review

Baron Custom Accessories Floorboards for Yamaha Road Star

Do your passengers find the position of their legs lead to an achy backside and fatigued muscles? Do they complain of not being able to brace against anything in the event of heavy braking? Heck, after riding for a couple of hours do your passengers get off the bike and just about crumple to the ground in agony? Well if they do any of the above then you better check out our review on Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards supplied by Cruiser Customizing!

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Yamaha Road Star Rolling Tribute Wallpaper

Yamaha Road Star Wallpaper - Rolling Tribute

A fantastic wallpaper featuring Larry Waimon’s Yamaha Road Star in front of a beautifully restored WWII Bomber.

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Buck’s Windshield Lower’s Review

Buck's Lowers for Yamaha Road Star

Have you bought a windshield for your Road Star only to find that you are getting a whole load of head buffeting that you have never experienced before despite your best attempts to adjust the windshield? Then you, my friend, are a candidate for a set of Buck’s Windshield Lowers! What we have for you today is the second product review for RoadStarMagazine.com and the first one done by Australian, John Beddoe. It is well worth a read, especially if you have a windshield or are thinking about getting one.

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Custom Dynamics LED Taillight for Road Star Review

Custom Dynamic LED Taillight

Introducing a product today from Custom Dynamics, suppliers of high intensity LED devices for your bike. The Radiantz “Tail Star A” LED Retro Kit for the Road Star (and V-Star) is a direct plug in replacement for your taillight’s bulb. Cool retro styling and the surprise benefit of increased visibility to other road users is what it’s all about and this little number delivers that in spades!

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SS Cycle Works Floorboard Extensions Review

SS Customs Floorboard Extentions

Here is another product to help increase the comfort levels on your beloved Road Star. Despite the sheer size of the Roadie, some riders feel that the floorboards could be a bit better positioned, either for comfort or just to increase that stretched out and laid back feel. Introducing Floorboard Extensions from SS Cycle Works, a product that takes your existing floorboards and repositions them for a more cruisier feeling.

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SADDLEBUM SaddleBlankets Review

SaddleBum Sheepskin Seat Cover

For those of us that enjoy getting out on the road for extended trips the issue of a comfortable seat can come up time and again. Even with the likes of a Mustang or Corbin, a long day in the saddle can leave you with a tired backside and on hot days you may find yourself somewhat, um, damp… Introducing the SADDLEBUM SaddleBlankets, a new premium sheepskin product to make your day on the road a lot more comfortable.

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Chilhowee Leather Fingerless Gloves & Leather Lever Covers

Chilhowee Leather

In the lead up to a planned four day ride in January 2003 I was very happy to receive a set of Chilhowee Leather’s fingerless gloves and lever covers. I was very happy at this because I was about to embark into some of the extreme riding temperatures with the air temperature pushing well above 100f (imagine the heat coming off the black tarmac!), so being able to have my hands not totally encased in leather was an attractive prospect indeed!

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BrakeAway Cruise Control Review

BrakeAway Cruise Control

Proudly introducing the BrakeAway Products Cruise Control Review! This is a premium model cruise control for your Road Star and is certainly a sharp looking piece of equipment! Unbelievably easy to use with no levers or thumbscrews for operation, the BrakeAway Cruise Control will also disengage itself if you grab hold of the front brake, so your safety while using this unit is increased dramatically.

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Sophie’s Motorcycle Works Road Star Light Bar Review

Sophies Motorcycle Works Lightbar Review

It has been promised for a while and now here it is, the Sophie’s Motorcycle Works Light Bar Review! I wasn’t able to get this review posted before I went on vacation and I had to finish it off a couple of weeks late. This great product has been reviewed by Shawn Oxley and Randy Crisp who have done an outstanding job and were very impressed with the light bar.

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