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How to Balance a Motorcycle Tire

This method should work on all motorcycles for street purposes at normal road speeds.

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$6 Wheel Alignment Kit

With 20,000 miles on BlackMagic I’ll bet I have screwed around with the rear wheel alignment 40 times in 2 years. I just could not get it right since having new tires installed and losing the factory alignment pre-sets.

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Build a Wheel / Tire Balancer

Wheel Tire Balancer

The cost to build your own wheel balancer is approx $20 to $30, give or take a few bucks, depending on what you have on hand and what you should be able to scrounge for free from a sheet metal shop or scraps your friends have. I personally think you can build it closer to the $20 buck level as I did. The bearings being the most expensive parts at $17.00, if you have a source for some bearings the stands could be build for virtually nothing.

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Replacing the Rear Brake Pads on a Yamaha Road Star

Out riding this morning I heard a unfamiliar sound when applying the back brake and knew I had just hit metal. Oop’s I came home and changed them, at 33,670 miles It would be wise to change the OEM by at least 30,000 miles depending on your riding style this might differ. The front pads still had plenty of pad left as shown by the Picture at the end of this article. Enjoy, I hope this is of some help to you

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