How to use a Helicoil

How to use a helicoil

How to use a helicoilEveryone has had it, that heart stopping moment when you think you have stripped out a thread and you’re wondering to yourself, “What the hell do I do now?” For me it was the thread on the sub-frame for one of the four bolts that hold the rear fender in place, I stripped that puppy good. Because of this I was looking down the barrel of well over a $100 for a second hand sub-frame or who knows how much for a new one! But thankfully that was when I remembered hearing about helicoil kits. Read on, if you will, as it might just save you a LOT of money someday and no end of anguish.

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Road Star Pillion Footpeg Flip

Footpeg Flip

Footpeg FlipSwapping your pillion’s footpegs will give most passengers a greater degree of comfort. It is an easy mod to do and will only take about ten to fifteen minutes. Please note: this mod will not work with the stock exhaust pipes, at the end of these instructions there is a list of known exhausts that it will work with. If your exhaust is not listed, give it a try anyway, it only takes a few minutes to put it all back together.

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Installing Road King Crash Bars on a Road Star

Road King bars on a Road Star

Road King bars on a Road StarAfter several months of searching for a viable highway/crash bar I was still undecided. The only thing I had seen on a motorcycle that I really liked was the setup on the Road King. I was goofing off on EBay one day and did a search on motorcycle accessories which led me to a set of Y2K Road King bars which I bid on and won for $125. I figured that if I could not make them work I could always resell them on EBay.

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