Joel Mekolites American Flag Paintjob

Joel Mekolites American Flag Paint JobIntroducing one Joel Mekolites, custom painter extraordinaire. Joel is responsible for this fantastic American Flag paint job. While not an original idea I think you will agree that Joel has done incredible work on this bike. Click Read More… to see more of the bike and to learn a bit about Joel. You may even want to contact him to paint your own Road Star!

Joel's American Flag Paint JobAbout Joel

My name is Joel Mekolites and I’m from lima, Ohio. Believe it or not I am a roofer by trade. About 3 years ago I wanted a custom paint job on my bike, I did some research and thought I found the right guy for the job. Well I was wrong. The job was terrible and started falling off the sheet metal after a week. Joel's American Flag Paint JobI’m not rich so I told my wife I was going to try it myself. This was about the time that Motorcycle Mania 1 came out. I watched them laying out the flames on a fender and decided to go for it. I must have painted my old bike 5 times before getting it to where I was happy! I posted some pics on the Road Star Riders Forum and the requests started to come in. Next thing you know I’m painting for other people!

Joel's American Flag Paint Job

Mail BoxHow He Does It

The American Flag scheme is my newest creation. I’d seen this idea on another Road Star on the Road Star Riders Forum and thought I would give it a shot. My sister’s whole house is done in a flag theme so I did a mailbox for her first as a test to see how I would go. She was very happy with it and so was I and it took off from there. I have about 100 hours in this job. I do each paint job like it is for my bike. I use the best products and cut no corners. When all the paint work and clearing is done I sand it down with 2000 paper and buff it out to a mirror finish.

Joel's American Flag Paint Job Joel's American Flag Paint Job Joel's American Flag Paint Job

Joel's American Flag Paint JobJoel's American Flag Paint JobSee Joel’s Other Work

Joel has done many paintjobs for Road Star owners and each one is better than the last. You can contact Joel for a quote and he will discuss any ideas you may have and make some suggestions.