Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards Review

Baron Custom Accessories Floorboards for Yamaha Road StarDo your passengers find the position of their legs lead to an achy backside and fatigued muscles? Do they complain of not being able to brace against anything in the event of heavy braking? Heck, after riding for a couple of hours do your passengers get off the bike and just about crumple to the ground in agony? Well if they do any of the above then you better check out our review on Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards supplied by!

Product Information

  • Ease of Installation: 10/10
  • Installation Time: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Mechanical Aptitude Required: Beginner
  • Tools Required: 5 & 6mm Allan Wrench, 12mm Socket (impact driver may be handy)
  • Quality of Instructions: Excellent
  • Quality of Product: Excellent
  • Supplied by:
  • Reviewed by: (this review is subject to the following disclaimer)

Product Overview

Baron's Passenger FloorboardsYou have to admit the Road Star’s passenger gets the short end of the stick when it comes to comfort. For most the pillion seat is no good for more than an hour at a time and even then you need a week for your butt to recover. But to exacerbate the problems of the pillion seat, the rear foot pegs put the average pillion’s legs too far back and too high which in turn puts added pressure right on the backside requiring regular rest breaks. Enter Baron Custom Accessories Adjustable Passenger Floorboards which not only move the pillion’s feet forward you also have three angles of pivot on the floorboards to find that extra needed comfort.

Product Quality

Baron Custom Accessories have a fantastic product here and with such a big plate of chrome being exposed when the floorboards are folded up they have to look good, and they do! I couldn’t fault the set of Baron’s floorboards sent to me by Cruiser Customizing with flawless chrome everywhere. Thick rubber cushions the feet against the bumps in the road while also providing a surface feet are unlikely to slip off. The stock black Allan head bolts are replaced by nice shiny bolts to ensure the overall appearance looks its absolute best.


Speaking of appearance once installed these floorboards look right at home on the Road Star. They might be a little too ostentatious for some people’s taste, as they do show quite a block of chrome when folded up, but for my bike with studded Tour Classic saddlebags and studded Mustang seat the floorboards are right at home and look an absolute treat.


The Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards certainly make a change from the stock pillion pegs. My wife has now accompanied me on two large trips since we received the review boards and she wouldn’t hand them back for anything. The second trip we only just completed was an absolute joy for her where we did 2000kms/1200miles around the Australian state of Tasmania in six days. Despite the comfort of a Mustang seat my wife has always gotten sore legs and an ache in her tailbone on long trips due to the awkward positioning of the stock pillion pegs. Now with the floorboards that has been greatly reduced. The Baron’s floorboards are positioned further forward than the stock pegs allowing her to stretch out much to her relief. The size of the also boards also allow her to shift her feet around to numerous positions if she feels so inclined. Thanks to the slight angling back of the boards she was also able to brace against them while under hard braking or going through hairy corners which also made her feel much more comfortable.

Baron's Passenger Floorboards

Installation Process

About the hardest part with installing the Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards is getting them out of the packaging! Once you have worked out which bracket goes where (helped by the orientation of the Baron’s Logo on each bracket) you just need to get the pillion pegs off your Road Star and bolt the Barons boards on. Try to use a good quality Allen key to get the pillion peg bolts out as they can be particularly stubborn and you don’t want to strip the heads. An impact driver or a couple of good whacks into the middle of the bolt head with a centre punch may also assist in getting the bolts removed. Of the three angles you can choose for the floorboards we stayed with the recommended middle setting of 15 degrees as that seemed most comfortable for my wife.

Baron's Passenger Floorboards Baron's Passenger Floorboards Baron's Passenger Floorboards Baron's Passenger Floorboards

Concluding Opinion

If you have a pillion that enjoys seeing the sights with you on your Roadie, and especially if you enjoy longer journeys, then the Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards will be a great addition to your bike. The quality is great, the look is styling and your pillions won’t be able to thank you enough. The floorboards for this review were provided by the great folk at where you can buy the Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards and bracketsthe brackets are sold separately – for a total of $224.91. Go to the website, do a search for Baron Floorboards or part numbers BA-7000-00 plus BA-7020-00 and start planning that big trip today!