Don Gray Customs Road Star Chopper Frames

Don Gray Customs Road Star Chopper FrameIntroducing Don Gray Customs, currently the only company making a custom bolt-on frame for a stock Road Star that is a complete replacement for your existing frame (not exchange). These patented parts are in bolt-on condition which means that the engine, drivetrain and battery will all bolt right on without any rework. Guaranteed!

Don Gray Customs Road Star Chopper Frame
BobStar Customs Road Star Chopper

All Don Gray Customs frames are TIG welded by ANSI/AWS certified welders under the supervision of CK Spurlock. Frames are assembled in custom made jigs and fixtures. This is the same material used in many race car frames. Chrome-Moly tubing is both stronger and lighter than Mild steel tubing. Accordingly, a thinner wall tubing of Chrome-Moly (.083″) is comparable in strength to mild steel (.120″ or .134″). So when you have two similar frames of equal strength the Chrome-Moly version will be about 40% lighter. The price for one of these babies, including their “Conventional” swing arm (pictured below) that will take up to a 250 width tire is $3230.00. You can also purchase the frame without the swing arm if you desire as your stock swing arm will bolt right up to the BobStar Custom Chopper Frame.

Don Gray Customs Frame with “Conventional” Swing arm
BobStar Customs Road Star Frame

If you want to go a wider rear end on the stock frame then the Don Gray Customs swing arm kits are what you need. These kits will take you from a stock rear end width to a 230, 240, or 250. The kit includes swing Arm Assembly frame with hidden axle set up, rear axle to fit an American wheel and axle covers at a price of $1450.00 for the “Conventional” model and $1725.00 for the “Signature” version (pictured below) with delivery also 2-3 weeks.  Please note: depending on the size of your tire you may need the off-set pulley at an additional charge.

BobStar Customs Road Star Swing Arm
Don Gray Customs “Signature” Swing arm

Click this link to go to the BobStar Customs Website for more pics and information on these awesome frames!