Mark Tummillo’s ”Warbird”

Mark Tummillo's Warbird Custom PaintIt’s been a while since the last Custom Paint but you can thank Mark Tummillo for staying on my case to publish the pictures of his fantastic bike, “Warbird“. This is certainly one of the more original paint themes I have seen for a while and you will have to admit that Mark’s bike is one sharp ride indeed.

Mark bought his Road Star brand new in June 2002. Being part of a family owned business that produces precision sheet metal (not HVAC) and since they’re in the metal stamping world Mark thought it would be great to get a metal theme going. Mark also wanted to do something to honour the USA after the 9-11 tragedy so he tied the two together and “WARBIRD” was born.

Warbird Warbird Warbird Warbird  Warbird Warbird

The paint and tank stretch were done by a friend of Mark’s (Tim) locally in a suburb of Chicago at Alcalde Customs Inc. Aside from all the chrome you see, it also has:

  • Patrick Racing J&E HC pistons
  • Speedstar ported manifold
  • Barons BAK
  • Barons Nasty Habit pipes w/ mini scallops w/ rejet
  • Dyna 2000, Dyna Coils and aftermarket wires
  • Barnett’s clutch conversion kit
  • Speedstar oil pump gear
  • 31 tooth front pulley & 128 tooth Dayco belt
  • Looney DD seat, Barons radius bars
  • Barons lowering kit (front&rear)
  • Chrome Pro-One “Star” wheels( 18 x 3.5 // 18.5.5), rotor, & pulley
  • Metzler ME 880 tires ( 130/70/18 // 180/55/18
  • Custom speedo face
  • Custom made “EJECT” key fob
  • Radiant LED cateye and Kuryakan bullet LED signals all run/turn/brake
  • 7″ Adjure smooth headlight
  • Yamaha aftermarket floorboards
  • Yamaha aftermarket mirrors
  • Stainless brake line throughout.
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