Larry Waimon’s ”Rolling Tribute” Road Star

Larry Waimon's ''Rolling Tribute''We have a new Custom Paint Road Star for you today. Now normally custom paint jobs tend to be quite extravagant but Larry Waimon’s bike bucks that trend. Dubbed, “Rolling Tribute” Larry’s bike pays homageto the WWII Bomber Pilots that flew those oh so perilous skies during the great air battles of the time. As an added bonus we have also created a wallpaper for your computer for you to download! So why don’t you go and have a look at Larry Waimon’sRolling Tribute“.

Larry Waimon

Rolling Tribute, the 'Bomber Bike'

Wallpaper Available at Bottom of the Page

The Story of the BOMBER BIKE

The genesis of the Bomber Bike was fostered by World War II bomber nose art, the type immortalized by the celebrated artist, ALBERTO VARGAS. Vargas Pin-Up art adorned the fuselage of the era Bombers, reminding the brave crews what and whom they were fighting for

GIs back from the war, were in many ways, crafting the first true customs; stripping bikes to the bare minimum, they would gain speed and individuality. Some went as far as taking the crude bomber nose art and recreating it on their tanks thus gaining an aggressive, well-ridden persona

The Magic Jeannie is dedicated to the brave crews who flew in the MIGHTY EIGHTH Air Force and suffered staggering losses. Their selfless acts of bravery & sacrifice permits subsequent generations of Americans to realize the very hopes and dreams that were denied those of, (whats been called), the Greatest Generation!

With this tribute goes my profound gratitude to ALL who served and continue to do so.


*(Army Air Corps Pilot/Instructor- Matthew MATT Waimon,

You are loved and sorely missed Your loving son)


  • Artists: Karl Brenneisen & Steve Emmerling
  • Mac the Knife

With gratitude: Officer/Pilot, (ret.) L.A. WaimonYou can download wallpaper featuring Larry’s Bike and a WWII Bomber at the below links

the file sizes are large to preserve image quality

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Larry Waimon Larry Waimon Larry Waimon Larry Waimon

Larry Waimon Larry Waimon