How to use a Helicoil

How to use a helicoil

How to use a helicoilEveryone has had it, that heart stopping moment when you think you have stripped out a thread and you’re wondering to yourself, “What the hell do I do now?” For me it was the thread on the sub-frame for one of the four bolts that hold the rear fender in place, I stripped that puppy good. Because of this I was looking down the barrel of well over a $100 for a second hand sub-frame or who knows how much for a new one! But thankfully that was when I remembered hearing about helicoil kits. Read on, if you will, as it might just save you a LOT of money someday and no end of anguish.

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Larry Waimon’s ”Rolling Tribute” Road Star

Larry Waimon's ''Rolling Tribute''

Larry Waimon's ''Rolling Tribute''We have a new Custom Paint Road Star for you today. Now normally custom paint jobs tend to be quite extravagant but Larry Waimon’s bike bucks that trend. Dubbed, “Rolling Tribute” Larry’s bike pays homageto the WWII Bomber Pilots that flew those oh so perilous skies during the great air battles of the time. As an added bonus we have also created a wallpaper for your computer for you to download! So why don’t you go and have a look at Larry Waimon’sRolling Tribute“.

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