Road Star Pillion Footpeg Flip

Footpeg FlipSwapping your pillion’s footpegs will give most passengers a greater degree of comfort. It is an easy mod to do and will only take about ten to fifteen minutes. Please note: this mod will not work with the stock exhaust pipes, at the end of these instructions there is a list of known exhausts that it will work with. If your exhaust is not listed, give it a try anyway, it only takes a few minutes to put it all back together.

DISCLAIMER: accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of these Garage Tips and they are only provided as a resource reference. Any type of modification or service work on your Road Star should always be performed by a professional mechanic. If performed incorrectly, some of these Garage Tips may endanger the safety of you and others on your Road Star and possibly invalidate your manufacturers warranty. The majority of these Garage Tips are not official manufacturers instructions and have been accumulated by Road Star enthusiasts from around the world.

Pillion Footpeg Flip



Remove the pillion footpegsRemove the bolts
  • First remove the footpegs from each side of the bike, you will need a 5mm Allen key for this.
Height of the original footpeg and the flipped pegTest clearance for your exhaust
  • Before you do anything else, check that the left side footpeg will fit on the right side of the bike in an upside down position (you don’t have to bolt it on, it was just easier to take the picture).
  • If your exhaust interferes with it, or the exhaust is too close then put the pegs back on the way you took them off and be done with it. If it checks out then put the right footpeg on the ground on the left hand side of the bike and vice versa (saves a little confusion later).
  • Next you have to turn the footpegs themselves 180 degrees in their bracket, if you don’t, you’ll find that when a pillion’s foot is put on them they will want to fold down instead of being locked in position, which is very dangerous for obvious reasons!
Remove the locking pinRemove the locking pin
  • Using a pair of pliers, remove the locking pin from the shaft that holds the peg to the bracket.
Don't have the ugly pin where you can see it, do it the other wayThis is bad, you want the

ugly locking pin facing down

  • Twist the footpeg 180 degrees and re-insert the shaft, making sure that the top of the shaft will face the sky when the footpeg is in position so you have a nice clean looking install, NOT like the image attached.
Get the pin in positionPush on top the bracket to get the pin in

Push on top of the bracket to

get the shaft in place

  • To get the shaft in place put the tip of the footpeg on your knee, and then push down on top of the bracket with your hand so the footpeg compresses enough to get the shaft back in position.
  • Replace the locking pin into the shaft and bend it over slightly so it won’t fall out.
  • Now all you have to do is bolt the footpegs back onto the bike in an upside down position, they don’t have to be too tight although if you do have a torque wrench set it to 11ft/lb (Yamaha Workshop Manual recommendation for M8 bolt)
  • Your done!

This mod WON’T work with the stock exhaust.

This mod is known to work with the following aftermarket exhausts:

  • Baron’s Nasty Boys
  • Bub’s Big Willeys
  • Bub’s Chambermaids
  • Bub’s Stubbies
  • DD Dual Sideburners
  • Roadhouse 2-1’s
  • Roadhouse Dooleys
  • V&H Longshots (with longer bolts and spacers)
  • V&H 2-1