Road Star Parts Watch & Part Numbers

A list of the parts you probably need to keep an eye on thanks to Mr Tidy.

A list of the parts you probably need to keep an eye on thanks to Mr Tidy.

DISCLAIMER: accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of these Garage Tips and they are only provided as a resource reference. Any type of modification or service work on your Road Star should always be performed by a professional mechanic. If performed incorrectly, some of these Garage Tips may endanger the safety of you and others on your Road Star and possibly invalidate your manufacturers warranty. The majority of these Garage Tips are not official manufacturers instructions and have been accumulated by Road Star enthusiasts from around the world.

Parts Alerts & Parts Numbers

By Mr Tidy

Missing Pulley Cover Plate BoltsCheck to see if missing. If they are still there, apply “Blue Locktite” and re-torque to 38 ft-lb’s

Part # 90111-10001

Pully Cover Bolts
Broken Pull arm springFirst indication you notice might be the clutch lever might need adjusting.

Check this spring first it helps return the cable and lever.

Part # 4WM-16539-00

Clutch Spring
The 1999 Model has had several possible defects, here are several part #’sThe 2000 Model is reported to already have the new parts upon delivery.
  • Fogging of lens Speedometer Lens Assy: 99999-03215-00
  • Relay does not reset when ignition is cut off Flasher Relay Assy: 4wm-83350-00-00
  • Cracks formed from lack of bracing in turn signal mounting area of fender 4WM-Y2161-01-33 (black) other colors will have a slight different number
Carburetor Pilot Jet ordering numbers
  • 4KM-14142-40-00 YA YHP Jet, Pilot (#40) Just substitute the number 40, for whatever jet size you want in the 12 digit part number. They ran $6.50 at my dealer
Oil Filter Part #’s
  • Napa Gold 1358
  • Wix 51358
  • Fram 6017A
  • AMSOIL SDF-13 or SMF103 or SMF103C
  • Bosch 3323 (thanks Jack)
  • Purolator ML 16819 (not 16817 as previously shown ~ thanks Jack Koestner)
Oil Filter Chrome Cover Info
  • Pro-One
    • #875230 ball milled, $46.95
    • #875330 smooth, $44.96
Headlight Replacements
  • Sylvania Cool Blue 9003CB, it is a H4 Xenon type bulb, which you can get on sale quite often less than $20.00 for two.
  • Dunlop K491 Elite II 160/80HB.16 1″ larger diam, +100 lbs extra capacity.
Belt Tension Gauge
  • YM-03170 belt tension gauge.
Fuel Tank Roll-Over Valve Part #
  • 4WM-24180-00
Exhaust Header Gasket Part #
  • 3EG-14613-00-00
Amsoil Codes
  • Series 2000 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube – Code TGR
Red Lens for retro fitting the running/turnsignal lamps
You have to turn the trim ring over and the lens will fit quite well.
  • Custom Chrome Replacement lens Part # 26126 E1 (Red-Turn Signal Replacement Lens 86 & up FLT Harley)
Left Hand Chrome Belt adjuster # used to dress up Right Hand Side
  • chrome adjustster part number 4WM-25388-00
Paint Info to date
  • 1-800-736-7980 Tom Upright says “Doug” will make up and ship small bottles of touch-up paint from this Company ( )
  • www.color-rite.comColor Rite Dist. Cynthia McKenna

    {661}-226-8767 1817 East Ave. Q Unit C-24

    Palmale Ca. 93550

Cable Information
  • Barnett makes stainless steel cables any length you want. The part numbers are (although I would confirm these numbers before I ordered anything):
    • Throttle cable: 263135C+8 (the +8 being the length you want over stock)
    • Idle cable: 263145C+8
    • Clutch cable: 263235C+8.
  • These cables have plastic coating over the stainless steel.
  • Barnett’s telephone number is (310) 941-1284.
Chrome Studs
  • 100 chrome plated 3/8″ brass studs from Lutz’s Leather Beaver Falls, PA $18.00 delivered. These are nice and shiney and will not rust like chrome plated steel. Give Don Lutz a call at (724) 843-6220)