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Robert Clayton’s “Darwin” Custom Paint

Robert Clayton's "Darwin" Custom Paint

Well our good buddy Robert Clayton, whose trophy winning Road Star “Darwin” we featured here a couple of weeks ago, has gone and taken a big spill. Robert is OK even though he is pretty banged up (a semi trailer will do that to you) so I thought I would show a close-up of the paint you are likely to never see again.

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Road Star Parts Watch & Part Numbers

A list of the parts you probably need to keep an eye on thanks to Mr Tidy.

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Reinforcing The Road Star Rear Fender

Reinforce the Road Star Fender

There has been a lot of talk about the rear fender cracking on our Road Stars. I have posted on the Road Star Riders forum a few time on how I reinforced my rear fender to stop the cracks. It’s a very easy mod to do and anyone out of warranty, especially those who have a custom paint job should really do this mod.

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