Eric Godwin’s Serious Custom Road Star

Eric Godwin's Serious Custom

Eric Godwin's Serious CustomAnother new Serious Custom has just been posted for you to all enjoy. Introducing Eric Godwin’s seriously customed Road Star that started out its life as quite a good looking Beach Sand Tan model, but with the transformation it has been through it now looks nothing like the original bike! Plus the best part of all is that Eric has done all the wrenching on the bike himself!

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Installing Road King Crash Bars on a Road Star

Road King bars on a Road Star

Road King bars on a Road StarAfter several months of searching for a viable highway/crash bar I was still undecided. The only thing I had seen on a motorcycle that I really liked was the setup on the Road King. I was goofing off on EBay one day and did a search on motorcycle accessories which led me to a set of Y2K Road King bars which I bid on and won for $125. I figured that if I could not make them work I could always resell them on EBay.

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