Harry Trattner’s Serious Custom Yamaha Road Star

Harry Trattner's Serious Custom

Harry Trattner's Serious CustomWhat do you know, a new Serious Custom Road Star has been put into the Serious Custom Section of RoadStarMagazine.com. Harry Trattner’s Road Star is the latest bike to be featured, and while at a quick glance it may seem fairly routine a bit of a longer look will show that Harry has had a lot of work done to this beautiful machine. 

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Chilhowee Leather Fingerless Gloves & Leather Lever Covers

Chilhowee Leather

Chilhowee LeatherIn the lead up to a planned four day ride in January 2003 I was very happy to receive a set of Chilhowee Leather’s fingerless gloves and lever covers. I was very happy at this because I was about to embark into some of the extreme riding temperatures with the air temperature pushing well above 100f (imagine the heat coming off the black tarmac!), so being able to have my hands not totally encased in leather was an attractive prospect indeed!

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