BrakeAway Cruise Control Review

BrakeAway Cruise Control

Brakeaway Cruise Control Proudly introducing the BrakeAway Products Cruise Control Review! This is a premium model cruise control for your Road Star and it’s certainly a sharp looking piece of equipment! Unbelievably easy to use with no levers or thumbscrews for operation, the BrakeAway Cruise Control will also disengage itself if you grab hold of the front brake, so your safety while using this unit is increased dramatically. Continue reading “BrakeAway Cruise Control Review”

Sophie’s Motorcycle Works Road Star Light Bar Review

Sophies Motorcycle Works Lightbar Review

Sophies Motorcycle Works Lightbar ReviewIt has been promised for a while and now here it is, the Sophie’s Motorcycle Works Light Bar Review! I wasn’t able to get this review posted before I went on vacation and I had to finish it off a couple of weeks late. This great product has been reviewed by Shawn Oxley and Randy Crisp who have done an outstanding job and were very impressed with the light bar. 

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