Ron ”Hacker” Davis’ Hybrid Theory Road Star

Hybrid TheoryOur first vendor created Serious Custom has been posted! Ron “Hacker” Davis is the man responsible for “Hybrid Theory”, a custom Road Star that has had over 80 hours of sanding and polishing dedicated to the engine alone! Hacker is behind a lot of custom paint jobs out there, so you will be sure to see more from this man, but for now, get yourself over to this link to check out Hackers Custom Cycles “Hybrid Theory”.

Name: Ron “Hacker” Davis
Location: Canton, Georgia USA
Model: 2000 YamahaRoad Star “Hybrid Theory”
Modifications: Click here to read the EXTENSIVE modification list
Paint Details: Green to Purple Kameleon & Kandy Purple

All the work was done by Ron “Hacker” Davis

Hybrid TheoryThe bike is a 2000 and started life like most do with a little change here, a little change there, some chrome goodies scattered about, new pipes and air breather for a little performance. Well that just wasn’t good enough, so the ideas started to roll through my head and before I knew it I was unable to sleep at night thinking about what I was going to do to the bike.

After getting some spare sheet metal together I started going to work creating a different look for the bike. After I got the parts looking right I rode with them for about 6 months to make sure there wouldn’t be any surprises before the paint goes on. Then it was time to tear it down and get busy.

Hybrid TheoryI took everything off down to the frame and massaged the frame and swing arm, then painted them to match the bike. While I had the motor out I thought it would be good time to paint it too, that was easier said then done! There are over 80 hours sand and prep time just getting the motor in a condition I felt was worthy of paint, but the Green-to-Purple Kameleon motor catches everybody’s eye and they love it.

DisappointedThe sheet metal was next in the booth and it was there for a while, it is a very detailed paint scheme the flames are marbled and there are over 120 skulls under the kandy purple. The bike from a distance looks like a purple bike with green flames but when you get up on it (especially in the sun) the details start to come out and you realize the depth and intricacy of the paint job.

Hybrid TheoryThe last thing done was the custom seat, disappointed with the options out there I decided to make my own. I am very pleased with the looks ofit and the comfort of it.

I have been doing custom work for 12 years now and Road Stars for 2 years. All the work was done by myself and has led to the opening of my business Hackers Custom Cycles.

Ron “Hacker” Davis

Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory

What’s Been Done

The Thank You’s: this would not have been possible without the help and understanding of many people. To God for giving me the talent and ability to do this. Obviously my wife for not shooting me when I started tearing apart the brand new bike she bought me and understanding when I didn’t come to bed until late at night. My oldest daughter for her hard work sanding down the nasty casting marks on the motor parts, it sure is pretty now. A lot of thanks goes to my good bro Joe at A-1 for all the help and great service he has provided, I don’t even want to add all the $$$ I have spent with you but you should be able to take a nice vacation on it…hahaha. Thanks to Ciro (BrightStar) for helping me with the electrical spaghetti and the awesome HID headlight (this should be standard issue on every bike). To Paolo for those awesome pipes. And of course to all my customers that helped me support my addiction!!! I am sure I have forgotten some of you, it is not intentional I just have a bad memory…but Thank You.

  • RC Comp 18×3.5 Regal front wheel modified for single disc
  • Right front caliper mount removed
  • RC Comp Regal floating rotor and 4 piston caliper
  • Lower fork legs smoothed and painted
  • Reworked Royal Star front fender
  • Chromed fork tins
  • Race-Tech gold valve immolators
  • 1” drop in front forks
  • Pro-1 lower tree cover modified for use with windshield
  • Silverado windshield, only used for long hauls
  • Radiantz flexible LED turn sigs
  • True gas filled HID headlamp and Candlepower sealed beam
  • Headlight bucket painted to match bike
  • Chrome upper tree and hardware
  • White Bros bikini beach bars with wires run inside
  • Ness Petite handlebar controls and levers
  • Dr. Neon grips
  • Paul Yaffe “Power” mirrors and arms
  • One piece brake line S/S braided
  • Clutch cable custom made and ran inside frame
  • All wiring is run inside the bars for a nice clean look
  • Gas tank received extensive reworking; the speedo housing pocket was removed as well as the gas neck it was then smoothed over and stretched front and rear and a flush mount cap was put in. Also a Pingle high flow petcock bung was welded into place and a high flow petcock is used
  • The motor was removed from the frame and over 80 hours was spent on it sanding it down for paint (a BIG thank you to my oldest daughter for her help). After all the casting marks and miscellaneous tabs were removed the fins were polished and the motor was treated for paint. It was then sprayed with House of Kolors Green-to-Purple Kameleon for a truly unique look. Many of the painted parts were chromed and many of the chrome parts were painted for a unique look.
  • All new gaskets and seals were used in reassembly
  • While the motor was out it received a little internal massaging:
    • The heads were ported and polished
    • J&E 10.25:1 standard bore high comp pistons
    • Looneys cams were put into place
    • as well as a set of Mellings lifters
  • Dyna coils painted to match the green flames
  • Dyna wires
  • Dyna 2000
  • 42mm Mikuni Flatslide carb with a Yost Power tube and a single cable
  • Baron Big Air Kit with custom engraved face-company name and logo
  • Ported stock manifold
  • Doherty crank vent and filter
  • Yamaha 31 tooth drive pulley
  • Baron Nude pulley set-up
  • Barnett carbon fiber clutch plates and spring conversion kit was installed to help get the power to the ground
  • The frame and swing arm received just as much attention getting all the welds smoothed over and any unnecessary bracket or tabs were cut off, the suspension parts were also smoothed over and painted to match
  • Progressive 1” under stock shock assembely
  • DePretto Moto forward controls with Dr. Neon pegs with heel rest and shift pegs
  • Side covers were stretched and joined then the mounting hardware is hidden inside for a nice clean look
  • The ignition switch was relocated to the right side cover
  • DG Hardkrome 2-1 Sideburners
  • Custom made solo seat with name embroidered gives me a 20.5” seat height
  • Corbin Dual Tour seat for when the wife or oldest daughter wants to ride with me
  • Dr. Neon matching passenger pegs in custom made brackets that are chromed
  • Rear fender has (3) stretched oval flush mount LED’s for run/brake light and a hidden mount tag system that I designed
  • Corbin Beetle bags that have been seriously reworked to fit perfectly with the fender and fit snugly against the fender, the turn signals are also flush mounted into the bags for a nice clean look
  • RC Comp 18×5.5 Regal rear wheel
  • RC Comp Regal floating rotor and 4 piston caliper
  • RC Comp Regal pulley
  • All bolts have either been painted or chromed and all wiring was rerun to keep it as hidden as possible
  • All cable and lines are S/S braided lines including the fuel line
  • The sheet metal and frame was painted with House of Kolors and consists of over 120 skulls painted on the gold base and then kandy purple sprayed over that. The flames are marbled kandy oriental green then they were outline striped with orange. Everything was then cleared, sanded down and recleared for added depth and to keep any edges from being felt.

This is truly one of the most detailed and unique Road Stars on the streets today. There is not one bolt or part that has not received some form of attention or been modified to better the overall bike. And now that it is done it is also for sale any interested parties can reach me at or 404 435 9031