Buck’s Oil Filter Protector/Cooler Review

Bucks Filter Cooler for Yamaha Road StarRoadStarMagazine.com is proud to announce its first Road Test of a product designed specifically with the Yamaha Road Star in mind. As promised just over a week ago, we have the review of The Buckster Oil Cooler that was supplied to us by none other than Buck of the Road Star Riders Forum. Be sure to check it out because for peace of mind alone this little number is a winner!

Product Information

  • Ease of Installation: 10/10
  • Installation Time: Five Minutes
  • Mechanical Aptitude Required: Beginner
  • Tools Required: Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Quality of Instructions: Very Good
  • Quality of Product: High
  • Contact: buck1@mi.rr.com
  • Reviewed by: RoadStarMagazine.com (this review is subject to the following disclaimer)


Product Overview

Two years ago Buck decided he had to do something to protect his oil filter after finding a huge dent in the one on his Road Star, because soon after that he read about a forum member who actually had his filter pierced while on the road! After a couple of months searching he found some appropriate parts and a protector was born. ?But there was an added benefit, he noticed after a long ride that he could not touch the rock guard because it was very hot. This little baby was dissipating a lot of heat while the bike was moving and in checking surface areas he discovered that the stock filter has about 20 square inches of surface area, and the finned protector had about 60 square inches of area. That?s a big difference!

So on one hand you have the cover providing oil cooling properties just like a heat sink on a computer’s processor, and on the other hand?you have an extra strong protector for your filter. There is also a third unspoken benefit to the cover, I think it just looks mean!

Product Quality

Being such a basic item in the parts it comprises of (anodized aluminum and a stainless clamp), the quality is still quite?high. ?Keep well in mind the one of the purposes of the cover is to act as a protector, so it will be taking all the hits from the road debris and only time will tell how much wear and tear will show on the cover. But from the look of the thing it is going to hold up a hell of a lot better that any naked oil filter will, or any pretty chrome cover for that matter!


Once installed the filter cover does give the whole area?a more aggressive look. The part of the clamp that you tighten up is tucked away nicely behind the filter itself where you can’t see it, so it is a very clean looking install.?If there was any complaint to be had though, and it is only a small one, it would be the look of the steel band that holds the cover in place which encircles the entire unit. Even?with that said there is a modification that can be made, and one of Buck’s customers, Bongo, got out his handy Dremel Tool and made some choice cuts into the cover and cut the band to produce this much cleaner look (image1image2).


Just the same as the majority of manufacturers won’t make a claim to exactly how much the cover will lower the temperature of the oil as there are too many variables, neither will Buck – and neither will RoadStarMagazine.com because we don’t have the tools necessary. Buck did have one customer make the following observation though:

Using an accurate dipstick thermometer, at 70f degrees ambient air temperature, and a speed of 55MPH, he showed a 21f degree difference in oil temperature!

Unprotected FilterClean oil filterIn regards to the protection side of things, you can see by these photos how much of a hiding the filter does take from the front wheel. ?The first picture shows the condition of my own filter after a recent 750 mile trip I had made, the second picture shows the filter after it has been given a clean. ?If you look closely at the second picture you will see all the nicks and scratches that the surface has taken, you will also notice the side of the filter where something has actually taken a big piece from the outer skin of the filter. Anything to stop that kind of damage is a good thing in my books!

Installation Process

This will easily be one of the simplest mods you could make to your bike, and you don’t even have to remove your oil filter to do it! ?With only a flat-head screwdriver required and five minutes of your time you will have this little number on in a flash.

  • Wipe the crud off the face of your filter
Clean Filter Clean Oil Filter
  • Remove the clamp from the oil cooler and expand the cover just enough so it will slip over the filter
Slip the cover over the filter
  • Squeeze the cooler in place over your filter and put the clamp back in place
  • Tighten the clamp snuggly using a flat-head screwdriver making sure you don’t over tighten. ?Do it up enough that the cooler no longer moves on the filter and no tighter.
Clamp on the filter
  • You’re done!
Finished product

Concluding Opinion

I have to say I am very impressed by “The Buckster Oil Cooler” (despite its name, we can thank “Mr Tidy” for that ) and I think for the peace of mind alone it is a very worthy addition to anyone’s Road Star. The only small downside to be found?is the look of the steel clamp encircling the entire cover – which may not even be an issue for the majority of people – but as you have seen that can be remedied. Buck is also so confident you’ll be happy with the cooler that he is offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, providing you haven’t run over any skunks lately… You can contact Buck on buck1@mi.rr.com or visit the Buck’s Lowers Website for further details and a price.