Buck’s Oil Filter Protector/Cooler Review

Bucks Filter Cooler for Yamaha Road Star

Bucks Filter Cooler for Yamaha Road StarRoadStarMagazine.com is proud to announce its first Road Test of a product designed specifically with the Yamaha Road Star in mind. As promised just over a week ago, we have the review of The Buckster Oil Cooler that was supplied to us by none other than Buck of the Road Star Riders Forum. Be sure to check it out because for peace of mind alone this little number is a winner! Continue reading “Buck’s Oil Filter Protector/Cooler Review”

Ron ”Hacker” Davis’ Hybrid Theory Road Star

Hybrid Theory

Hybrid TheoryOur first vendor created Serious Custom has been posted! Ron “Hacker” Davis is the man responsible for “Hybrid Theory”, a custom Road Star that has had over 80 hours of sanding and polishing dedicated to the engine alone! Hacker is behind a lot of custom paint jobs out there, so you will be sure to see more from this man, but for now, get yourself over to this link to check out Hackers Custom Cycles “Hybrid Theory”.

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