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Fix the Road Star Headlight Rattle

Well I finally got sick of the headlight rattle last week because for me it is too noticeable at 100kmh in 5th gear which is cruising speed for me. It also rattles at a certain RPM in all other gears to which was annoying. At a guess I would say somewhere around the 1500 to 2000 rpm mark but I can’t be sure. I know some of you have had luck with wrapping the wires inside the headlight with various things but my wires are already enclosed in rubber, so this is what I did.

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Auxiliary Fuel Supply

Auxiliary Fuel Supply

When you have to remove the gas tank to tune your carbs you sometimes need a source of fuel so you can run the bike for an extended time. There are tanks available that are made specifically for this but are priced around $50.

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