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Don Gray Customs Shark Bike

Don Gray Customs Shark BikeThe second Metric Revolution Builder to be featured on RoadStarMagazine.com is Don Gray of Don Gray Customs (formally Bobstar Customs). Don is another builder who is using the Yamaha Road Star as the custom platform of choice on the upcoming Metric Revolution TV show. What we have for you here is the Shark Bike themed custom Roadstar built for Ron Suddoth.

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Custom Road Star by BMS Customs

BMS Choppers Custom Road StarThe first in our spotlight on the custom Road Star builders for the upcoming Metric Revolution TV show is Sam Nehme from BMS Choppers. Sam joined the motorsports business at the age of 12 and at the ripe old age of 32 he is the owner of BMS Choppers and now one of the competitors in the bike build offs that will be featured on Metric Revolution.

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Britt Custom Metrix ”Home Depot” Road Star

Britt Custom MetrixThe world of truly custom Road Stars is definitely hotting up and there are some incredible machines out there. Just like the this one by Britt Custom Metrix who built an awesome bike for none other than the NASCAR ’05 Nextel Cup Champion, Tony Stewart! The bike was done to a Home Depot theme similar to the one sported by Tony’s awesome V8 that took him across the line for five wins in 2005. And just like those monster vehicles, there isn’t a lot of chrome on this bike! Continue reading Britt Custom Metrix ”Home Depot” Road Star

How to Replace the Road Star Drive Belt

Drop the swingarm downAt some stage you are going to have to change the belt on your Roadie, either as a pre-emptive measure or because it snaps. Hopefully you do it for the first reason. Follows is some basic instructions to show you how it’s done.

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Dragger Custom Seats for the Road Star

Dragger Custom SeatsAre you more of a minimalist when it comes to your Roadie? Do you believe in less is more? Well check out the new seat on the way from Dragger Custom Seats cause you don’t get much less than this without riding on the top of your battery! Made personally by the very talented Alex Blondeau these seats are created from the desire to have not such a fat (stock) seat and to add to the flowing lines of the Road Star frame. Go to the Dragger Custom Seats website to check them out for yourself.

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Installing A Warrior Starter Motor on a Road Star

Warrior Starter Conversion for the Road StarA problem for some Road Star owners is that the stock starter motor can get a little tired with the passing of time. This results in difficulty getting the engine to turn over, particularly if it hasn’t been fired up for a little while or it sits in cold weather. The problem can lead to batteries being drained prematurely, possible damage to the starter relay and the risk of the stator bolt coming loose. This is especially the case when high compression or big bore pistons are installed.

One cure for this problem is to replace it with a Warrior starter motor, which is also a direct bolt on for all non Warrior Road Stars. To be fair, there is a way to assist the stock starter with more juice which is to upgrade the starter wire to a heavier gauge although that process takes a lot longer than the ten minutes that outright replacing the starter does (although is much cheaper).

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Joel Mekolites American Flag Paintjob

Joel Mekolites American Flag Paint JobIntroducing one Joel Mekolites, custom painter extraordinaire. Joel is responsible for this fantastic American Flag paint job. While not an original idea I think you will agree that Joel has done incredible work on this bike. Click Read More… to see more of the bike and to learn a bit about Joel. You may even want to contact him to paint your own Road Star!

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Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit Review

Baron Nude Pulley Kit for Yamaha Road StarsHaving exposed rotating parts on a drive-train sure smacks of a custom machine, and on the Road Star it’s possible to expose the primary pulley for the world to see. Thanks to CruiserCustomizing.com, RoadStarMagazine.com presents the following review on the Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit by Baron Custom Accessories. Continue reading Baron’s Nude Pulley Conversion Kit Review

Rick Mathieu’s Serious Custom

Rick Mathieu's Serious CustomAre you ready for something REALLY different in a custom Road Star? Check out this AWESOME retro style Roadie by Rick Mathieu who spent over five months putting together this fantastic bike! Rick has gone all out on this beauty with a sprung seat, custom wheels, chain drive conversion, powder coated everything and it just looks too cool! And believe it or not, all this was done in a shed barely larger than the bike itself. Continue reading Rick Mathieu’s Serious Custom

Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards Review

Baron Custom Accessories Floorboards for Yamaha Road StarDo your passengers find the position of their legs lead to an achy backside and fatigued muscles? Do they complain of not being able to brace against anything in the event of heavy braking? Heck, after riding for a couple of hours do your passengers get off the bike and just about crumple to the ground in agony? Well if they do any of the above then you better check out our review on Baron’s Adjustable Passenger Floorboards supplied by CruiserCustomizing.com!

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